Technology Service and Managed Services Providers

Privarius enables you to secure your clients even better and add revenue to your service bundles. Sure, you can provide backup, antivirus, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity to computer networks, but what are you doing to secure the employees; the people of the companies you support? Imagine being able to go into a prospect, be able to pitch IT services, but also bundle in $1MIL of Identity Theft Protection for each employee they have? That’s a true differentiator.

Real Estate Companies

What is one of the largest draws in finally purchasing a home for the first time? Accomplishment for sure, but also…peace of mind. A new homeowner is now building equity and value in their property. How does a realtor or real estate agent add value to the relationship after the sale is done? Providing your buyers with Identity Protection along with servicing from Privarius helps protect them going forward, but makes your company and brand stickier. Anyone can provide a housewarming gift. Maybe you send the new buyer a throw blanket, a Starbucks gift card, or some such. Why not gift them a year of Identity Theft Protection plus 3-bureau credit monitoring that protects their new purchase? Not only that…it’s got your brand on it.

Small banks/credit unions

Privarius was started by the owner of an IT service company because banks and credit unions were sending people who had suffered hacks and breaches to his company. Identity Theft Protection from Privarius adds value and strength to your organization and brand. Your customers will be hacked and scammed. It’s not IF, but WHEN. Privarius provides you a way to add a security blanket for your customers and an extra incentive to open accounts with you. Don’t be just a place for folks to deposit or cash a check; become a trusted advisor.

Associations/Member Groups

HOAs, Chambers of Commerce, Property Management companies, and non-profit organizations can all benefit from adding Identity Theft Protection to their wheelhouse. Bundle in protection from Privarius to your association fees and give your residents, members, and tenants peace of mind.

Employee Benefits

Providing budgetable incentives to prospective employees is always a struggle. You want the BEST to be a part of your organization. Privarius allows an affordable way to provide an extra boost to your hiring process. Cover your employees with personal security as a differentiator.