Privarius was created to fill a massive gap in personal cybersecurity.

Alan “Woody” Reeves, founder of three separate technology service companies over more than 20 years, realized in 2016 that he wasn’t protecting his clients from cyberthreats as well as he should be. A large healthcare client he worked with suffered a major breach. The network and computers were secured, and firewalls and disaster recovery mechanisms were in place. However, a hacker got into the lead doctor’s personal Hotmail account. He lurked there for weeks, figuring out who was who in this caregiver’s life, and tricked an associate into wiring thousands of dollars to an unknown overseas location. This affected the business, the doctor’s credit, and his ability to care for patients. Reeves’ company had done its job taking care of the computers, but there was no mechanism to safeguard the business from this threat.

Around the same time, banks in the Nashville, Tennessee area began sending customers to Reeves’ companies. These people had suffered breaches and hacks, and many of them had been swindled or had thousands of dollars stolen. Since these breaches were technology-related, the banks sent these folks to a technology company as they knew of nowhere else to turn.  However, most of the breaches occurred due to:

  • Breaches such as Equifax, where the incident happened on servers/computers other than the victim’s
  • Sextortion scams
  • Exposed or poor passwords
  • Lack of network and computer security

Reeves’ companies could protect computers and networks all day long, but there was nothing in place at the individual user level. There were available solutions that could monitor a business, domains, and the like, but nothing that could be deployed on an individual basis to help safeguard the employees, members, customers, associates, and vendors. Reeves considered reselling a very popular, well-known identity theft suite but was astonished to discover that personnel (as well as data) were partially housed overseas. This was not an option as many of Reeves’s clients were in healthcare or financial services and had to meet certain federal regulations about data and storing it.

The only answer was to build one from scratch.  With the help of strategic partners in the Infosec field, Privarius was created.

In 2019, Reeves’s team, together with the help of experts in the field, built Privarius to fill this void.  Turnkey, brandable solutions, combined with servicing is the core of what we do.